We at F61 are passionate about making awesome software. We strongly value user experience, security, transparency and your trust in us. Please read more and we'll tell you what concrete actions we take to deliver on those promises, because talk is cheap.'s signals broadcast from Finland: the land with temperatures best suited for polar bears, 190 000 lakes and 78 % forest coverage. Considering per capita, Finland has made remarkable contributions to the tech world: Linux, SSH, Git, MySQL, SMS messaging, Nokia (back when it was relevant..) and IRC to name a few. We're in a good company and we're striving to be worth of your trust!

Code from Finland

Consumer software

  • GPS tracking

    Track a fleet of vehicles (or people like the elderly or your children) on a realtime map. Supports phones, tablets and dedicated GPS trackers.

  • Time tracking

    Keep track of your working hours and projects, and even invoice them right from our app!

Open source software

  • Event Horizon

    Enables log-based architectures with realtime streaming, unlimited storage, compression and encryption.

  • NX (Native Extensions)

    Call native applications from browser/JavaScript. Provides infrastructure for use cases like automatic printing, scanning etc.

  • sql2json

    Migrating a PostgreSQL/MySQL/SQLite database to some other vendor, or just want to access the dataset as JSON? This tool converts database dump into JSON for easier processing.

  • Jumpbox

    Multiplex SSH connections from one always-online server. Basically tmux and SSHD in a nicely packaged Docker container.

  • Buildbot

    Buildbot is a build server like Jenkins, but stateless, super lightweight and aimed for building Dockerized apps.

  • html2pdf

    Small microservice for rendering HTML input to PDF.

Business software

  • LabelCloud

    Holistic infrastructure for printing labels from browser-based apps. Also available as on-premises version.

  • NX Print

    Printing infrastructure for browser-based apps.

  • Consulting

    Paid consulting/support regarding our products or anything custom.