Use case

You need to print labels from your web-based application, whether you are in healthcare, logistics or some other sector. You have two solutions regarding the implementation:

  • a) Build the label rendering and printing logic inside your application.
  • b) Call some other software to do the label rendering and printing for you.

LabelCloud is the software that does everything for you from rendering to producing the label printer specific control code and pushing that code to the printer.

LabelCloud is available both as a cloud service or as a on-premises version where you require tighter data privacy controls or want to control availability yourself.


Contact us for a demonstration! The below screenshot is from LabelCloud PDF renderer:

Supported printer manufacturers

  • Toshiba TEC
  • Zebra ZPL/ZPL2 based printers
  • PCL-based printers (most laser printers print in PCL, some label printers)
  • Other printer manufacturers via PDF + GDI-based printing
  • Other control language implementations considered on a case-by-case basis if you’re ordering a license.

Architecture: how does it work?

LabelCloud is a webservice into which you can make a HTTP+JSON call with the text/barcode contents of the data you want to print as a label.

Basically, you do this:

POST /labelcloud HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

	{ label data to print + into which type of printer }

And it responds with the correct printer controlling code that can be pushed into the printer. There’s a client-side JavaScript library for that. All this is done with HTML5 + JavaScript with no browser plugins required - thus it works in every browser.

The solution requires you to install NX Print (provider for low-level access to the printer from web applications) software for the workstation, which listens on a HTTP port (not allowed to be contacted from outside of the computer), to provide access to Windows’ printers.


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