NX Print

Printing infrastructure for browser-based apps.

Use cases

  • Need to print from the browser automatically? Your use case simply does not allow for your end users to invoke the print dialog, choose a printer and possibly printer settings?
  • NX Print provides you low-level access to Windows’ printing infrastructure from JavaScript.
  • Print PDF-based reports/order confirmations/packing slips etc. from browser.

Technical details

NX Print is built on our NX technology (an open source framework for calling native apps from JavaScript in a secure manner).

Do you need low level or higher level?

If you don’t need to access the low level printing primitives from JavaScript, and/or you’d just rather print some labels, we have a product for that as well: LabelCloud. LabelCloud is basically NX Print + extra stuff for printing labels.

Documentation + integration usage example

Integration is easy, with just a few lines of JavaScript. Head over to documentation.

Here’s the rough API in pseudocode:

// list printers

// print PDF

// raw print

For additional details, contact us!


While you can download NX Print freely for evaluation, you have to get a license for production use. Contact us for licensing!