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Varasto is great for storing any type of file, whether they're large or small files.

Screenshot from web UI

Automatic backups

Each time you change a file in Varasto, its previous version is also stored so you can always recover from accidental modifications or deletions.

Varasto breaks files down to smaller chunks so if you only change part of a large file, the entire file will not be stored twice.

Software projects

Even though Varasto collections work similar to a Git repository (changesets, cloning etc.), Varasto is not meant to replace software revision control - they can coexist peacefully and augment each other.

Some people think of e.g. GitHub as a type of backup - and it kind of is, because if your drive fails, a copy exists at a remote server that you can download ("clone") to your new drive again. But there is a non-insignificant window of time where you can lose data:

Varasto use with Git repos

To summarize:

System Commit/push interval Window of losing data
Git Whenever user decides to Undefined - may be large
Varasto Automatic (maybe hourly) Hour (or whatever configured)