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Web UI

Generic files


TV shows


Magazines & comics


Other ways to access your data

As network folders

You can access the network folders ("samba shares") through Windows, Linux, macOS, apps for Android, iOS etc..

Via FUSE filesystem

Linux users can treat all content in Varasto as if it was their local filesystem, even when Varasto's content wouldn't fit in that computer's storage (the files will be streamed on-demand). Read more.

Cloning of collection

See short video & read more.


Volumes & mounts

Disk topology view

Disk service view

SMART monitoring

Data integrity verification

Health monitoring

Metadata backups

Replication policies

Replication queue

Observability (Prometheus metrics)



Testing rig

Varasto is being tested on a server with a direct attach storage enclosure with 8 hot-swap bays, but you could just as well run Varasto on a NAS or even on a regular computer with internal drives.