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Managing expectations

Varasto is in beta, and thus there are a few missing features and the occasional rough edge that you should be aware of. Read more.

Server installation

Installation Fully supported1 Notes
Linux (Docker) ☑️ Recommended, easiest option. Only for x86-64 (you probably have this if you're not sure)
Linux (manual installation) ☑️ For users not wanting to use Docker OR using Raspberry Pis etc (our Docker image will support non-x86-64 arches soon)

The client?

Not familiar with the differences of Varasto server and client?

Read about it first!

Don't worry about this

Once you install the server, the UI will have client download links and help.

If you want to dig in anyway, there's a separate document.

  1. Extensively tested by us and most likely to work as intended.