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Codebase layout


Example of implementing an entire feature

To easier understand the codebase and its layout, let's look at a commit that implements adding tagging support to collections.

Points of interest in the commit:

  • dbtypes.go is the "column" in the database for keeping track of collection's assigned tags
  • types.json shows the REST API model addition for adding Tags []string to both backend (Go) and frontend (TypeScript)
  • commands.json adds the command for adding/removing tags:
    • backend/frontend REST endpoint struct
    • autogenerates modal dialog for the commands
  • commandhandlers.go has the implementation for adding/removing tags from DB
  • CollectionPage.tsx adds tag editor (add / view / remove tags) to UI (see fig. 1). "Add" and "remove" both invoke autogenerated modal dialog (see fig. 2).
  • collectiondropdown.tsx adds "add tag" modal dialog to collection dropdown (see fig. 3)

Fig. 1:

Fig. 2:

Fig. 3: