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Your privacy

Who can access my files?

Only you (and the people you explicitly choose to share with) have access to your files.

Does Varasto phone home?

No, except for update checking.

Update checking

This is done to tell you if there is a better version available (displayed in server UI), and possibly to alert you if there are critical security updates available.

This version check request doesn't contain any additional data other than what is required to do the check:

Data Example Used for analytics1 Why we send this
OS Linux ☑️ So we can tell you the latest version for your OS
Architecture x86-64 ☑️ So we can tell you the latest version for your architecture
Current version 20200418_1637_fa31fb5e So we can tell you if your version contains critical vulnerabilities
IP address One can't check for updates (or use the internet) without revealing one's IP address


You can audit the version checking code yourself.

The data we record about Varasto users

Self-hosted Varasto


Cloud-hosted Varasto

Since this is a paid offering, we have to keep your billing details on file, and of course an email to reach out to you for important updates.

Varasto website visitors

We don't use any analytics except for aggregate request counts.

Varasto newsletter

If you sign up for Varasto newsletter, we can see your email address. We won't sell your email address ever, and only use it for purposes stated in the newsletter's description.

  1. To gather metrics like "Active Varasto users on Linux/x86-64" so we know which platforms to focus our development efforts on.