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Naming your volumes

Choose a naming scheme for your volumes

Name your disks - not their content!

Don't use "Movies" or "Work" because with Varasto you don't need to stress about which disk is used for storing which type of data - your e.g. movies can span many disks. The data can even move between your volumes later as your needs change.

You can name your volumes anything you like - a few examples:

  • Your favourite TV show characters (I used Futurama)
  • "Disk A", "Disk B", ... etc.
  • Disk serial number

You can rename volumes later

If you only have one disk or don't have a lot of disks, don't worry about this and just use anything you like. You can rename volumes later if your needs change.


While you can easily rename volumes later, if you followed our advice and named the subdirectory for Varasto blobs after the volume name, you need to also rename the subdirectory to avoid confusion. For local disks this is easy, but renaming the directory varies for cloud disks (for S3 it's impossible, while for Google Drive it's easy).